Bluffers Park Yacht Club

Are you looking for a club you can join to expand your sailboat passion? The Bluffers Park Yacht Club is local and allows you to spend time with like minded individuals, on the water in your sailboat. The club itself is located at 7 Brimley Road in Scarborough, Ontario. If you’re wondering whether joining a yacht club is right for you here’s a little more information about the Bluffers Park Yacht Club.

Where we came from

In November 1977, the Metropolitan Toronto Parks Department created a committee of about ten people to develop facilities on a new man-made island created at the end of Brimley Road. By the spring of 1978, thirty floating docks had been built. From there the island grew quickly, resulting in the need for members of the Boating Federation to belong to one of the four yacht clubs on the island. The government planned for the site to developed by the members of these yacht clubs. The Bluffers Park Yacht Club is about 2.8 acres on the western end of the peninsula in this area.

Where we are now

Today, thanks to our long history, we are a secure club with deep roots in the community. Our club is still pretty unique because we are a sailboat only club, and most of our vessels are less than 30 feet. New members, actually, must have a sailboat that is less than 30 feet long in order to join. Our club members come from all walks of life and ages, including families of all kinds.

Why join BPYC?

Our club was established as an equity partnership which means every member owns equal shares and we all have an equal voice. Since we are exclusively about sailboats, all of our events cater to the sport of sailing. We are active in weekly races with other clubs in the basin, and have a summer cruise program for those members who would rather just relax out on the water. We also are a self-help club so all of our members have the opportunity to make the club the very best it can be. As an additional bonus, our annual membership fee covers dockage, winter-storage, launches and more.

Join a Community

All of our docks, facilities and clubhouse were all constructed and are maintained by our members. We have one of the best locations on Lake Ontario so we want to make sure our club facilities matches that. All of our infrastructure and maintenance are completed by members who are responsible for completing 15 hours of work annually, plus additional work during launch and haul-out. By using the efforts of our members we can make sure we keep our costs low and reasonable.

The Bluffers Park Yacht Club, located at 7 Brimley Road, is a family oriented club that caters specifically to sailboats. We offer the option to participate in races, or to join a summer cruising club if you’d rather just relax on the water. This club is meant for all levels of sailing experience and we are always accepting new members.

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