L’Amoreaux Sports Complex

Getting outside and being active is a great way to spend your time, especially when the summer weather arrives. Depending on which sport you enjoy participating in the most, it might be hard to find the space to properly enjoy it. The L’Amoreaux Sports Complex in Toronto offers a variety of spaces for you to play the sports you love the most. The sports complex is located at 100 Silver Springs Blvd in Scarborough. This area offers activities for almost everyone, and here’s a little more about the complex.

L'amoreaux Sports Complex in Scarborough Ontario

Outdoor Facilities

This sports complex offers three baseball diamonds, which are often used in the summer for different levels of league play. They can be rented and reserved for your team event, as well. Further there are nine different bike trails in and around the complex for everyone to enjoy. These bike paths are seasonal, and aren’t maintained in the winter so they are best as a summer activity. Additionally there are four open sports fields that can be used for soccer or football, or really anything you can think of.  The sports fields here are certified as premium so they’re the highest quality, and they have dedicated staff maintaining the fields. They are fertilized and aerified multiple times per year, so you know the fields are going to be the best for your team to play on.

If you’re looking for a space for your team to play this season – from house league to the more competitive leagues – this sports complex might be the right option for you. You can book the fields or baseball diamonds, and many leagues already play here regularly. The facilities are well maintained and are easy to access, either by driving or public transit.

A Little Extra

This sports complex offers a little more than just the sports facilities. Here you will also find change rooms and washrooms, as well as a complete playground for all kids to enjoy – even if they aren’t participating in a sport. The complex also offers four picnic sites and one picnic shelter so if your children have a tournament you can pack some snacks to enjoy watching the game.

Indoor Facilities

Located very close to this sports complex is a community recreation centre. Within the centre there is a multipurpose room, dedicated fitness room and an open gym. There are fitness classes, art classes and dance programs offered through this facility, and they are all open to the public. The multipurpose room can hold up to 230 people, and is available for rent for any of your functions you might need.

The L’Amoreaux Sports Complex is a great outdoor space that can accommodate almost any kind of recreational activity you might partake in. From baseball diamonds to soccer fields, this area is kept up during the warmer weather and is perfect for your league to play at this summer. If you’re looking for an open space to run around with the kids at, head on over to 100 Silver Springs Blvd and enjoy the great outdoors with their bike trails and picnic sites.

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