Top 5 Kids Activities in Scarborough

It’s summer vacation, the kids are complaining about being bored every couple minutes so you need to find something to do that they will enjoy and will keep them occupied for at least an afternoon. Here’s some of the best activities in and around Scarborough Ontario to take your kids to this summer.

Go Swimming

Scarborough has a number of indoor pools and water parks, including Birchmount Pool at 93 Birchmount Road. This pool has a couple slides: one big one for older kids and a small one for the younger kids. This community center has a couple of pools and is a completely indoor facility so you don’t have to worry about finding the perfect day for pool weather. Whether it’s for an hour or an entire afternoon this is a great way for the kids to burn some energy and keep them occupied for quite a while.

Laser Quest

Located at 1980 Eglinton Ave East, this fun game isn’t just for the kids! Enjoy a two level fog-filled maze where you can hide and secretly take out anyone from your private spot. This facility offers afternoon games, birthday parties and even hosts groups of people of all ages. This Scarborough venue offers more than just laser quest though; you can also try your problem-solving skills in one of their escape room challenges. This is a perfect activity for those rainy afternoons or it can be saved for after the summer is over and the weather isn’t so nice anymore. Either way, this year round activity is a great option for kids of all ages.

The Zoo

The Toronto Zoo offers a complete day of fun and entertainment for all members of the family. With over 5,000 animals to visit and learn about this venue promises to deliver a day the family will never forget. You can visit award winning exhibits and finish the day at Splash Island which is Toronto Zoo’s splash pad featuring real animals to watch as you play in the water. Almost any animal you’ve ever wanted to see up close will be at the zoo so bring the whole family for an amazing day! The zoo is located at 2000 Meadowvale Rd, close to Meadowvale and Sheppard Ave intersection.

Mega Fun 4 Kids

This center is geared mostly towards kids aged 2 – 9 years old, but it’s definitely a great way to spend an afternoon in Scarborough. Grab a couple of your mom friends and get the kids together for an afternoon of fun. Located at 91 Rylander Blvd, this venue boasts a ball pit, mini kitchen for play and even an infant area. This is also an option for when the weather turns colder and you need a place to take the kids as it is open year round.

Louise Kool and Galt

Located at 1-10 Newgale Gate this activity is a little different. It’s actually a toy store but it’s a little different from your typical toy store. They have all kinds of fun, educational toys you wouldn’t really find anywhere else. You can find massive bags of Lego, buckets of buttons for crafts, markers in every colour imaginable and even mini cash registers to help children learn about making change. This is definitely a great space to spend an afternoon with your kids and help them explore endless possibilities in different toys.

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